Pyrros Time: A Statistical Forecast of My Tardiness

(Yes this is as silly as it sounds)

After torturing my friends for years with my CONSTANT lateness, I have finally codified my insanity into a pattern I call PYRROS TIME. Take a look at this Google Sheet to see it’s current value, how it’s calculated, and to add reports of Pyrros tardiness yourself.

Pyrros Time was originally developed by one of my first D&D groups as a joke on how long it would take for me to show up after the official start time of the game. It’s since morphed to include every stated deadline I manage to screw up. Many theories have been laid out regarding Pyrros Time (including whether it even CAN be measured, or is more like the superposition of a quantum particle) and some are included in the Sheet (if you want yours included, let me know or comment below).

However, the real purpose (along with shaming me for my sins) is to give you, my friend, an idea of how long you may end up waiting for me. Here’s hoping it’s not too long…

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