I’m Pyrros Rubanis, and this is my poor excuse for a website

Concept Credit goes to LittleKuriboh

Concept Credit goes to LittleKuriboh

I’m a person; just like you are!

Like you, I do things. Sometimes writing things, sometimes philosophy things, sometimes game things, sometimes silly and dumb things. Like most humans, I don’t have a good reason to do these things, and I do most of them badly. Alas, I do them anyway.

Off the internet, I’m a philosophy and psychology tutor for undergraduates at Northwestern University, a reading/writing tutor for 6-12th graders, a freelance writer (portfolio here), and a freelance editor (editing samples here).

If you want to get in touch, use the form below (I read everything and anything), or follow me on Twitter @RubanicDefeat (warning: my tweets are so pathetic I once made a girl cry).

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